Our school reopened on 6th June 2019 with all its vibe. Our respected Manager Rev. Fr. Prince Chiriyankandath and Rev. Fr. Able Chirammel introduced themselves to the students and given a valuable message to the students as it is the starting of new academic year it was an extra motivated moment to our children.


Students are divided into four houses Diamond, Emerald, Topaz and Ruby. Each houses selected their teacher in charge and student in charge. The house inaugurations were held on 13th June 2019. The activities were scheduled by in charge teachers.


The whole students were divided into five clubs, namely eco club, disaster and management club, health and wellness club, heritage club, G.K club. Each club selected their student and teacher in chargers. All clubs conducted several activities on club activity days


We have a new initiative from the CBSE board for the overall mutual growth and development in educational standard among all school affiliated with the board. The board’s new concept of collaborative learning hub envisages six schools in which Holy grace academy is were chosen as the lead collaborator. Our principal, vice principal and senior teachers attended all its meeting. 


Our school had a memorable day on merit on 15th June 2019. The chief guest Rev. Fr. Paul Peramangalath appeals to the winners to bear mind to the key success in life. The students were exceedingly well in their 10th board examination scoring 100% result. Mementos were given by our honorable Panchayath president Mr. Jyothilal. Stupendous result shows the perseverance and determination of the students, parents and educators. The proficiency prizes also were given to the proficiency winners the winners are

LKG                     Drupad  Sajeev

UKG                    Sruthakeerth  V S And Crista  Dicrus

Std  I                    Devapriya   Prajithdas

Std  II                   Vaishnavi  Siju

Std  III                  Angelina   C B

Std  IV                 Savan  K  S

Std  V                  Niyathi   Manoj Kumar

Std  VI                 T S  Gayathri

Std  VII                Asitha  Sukesh, Neha K  S

Std  VIII               Prasanth   Krishna T N

Std  IX                 Neha   Manoj Kumar

Congratulations to all


Reading is a conversation. All books talk but a good book listens as well. Reading day aims not only to promote reading but also to enrich vocabulary and language skill. We had an enjoyment day as we observed as reading day and paid tribute to P N Panikar. We celebrated this day splendid. As a part of reading day we conducted reading competition, poem recitation and distributed prizes to the winner. Master Abhinav K Bharath achieved first prize in Malayalam reading competition which was conducted by Engandiyur Arts and Sports Club.


Due to rain it was an holiday still few of our staff members attended. Vice Principal Mrs. Rajini Manoj and administrator Mr. E V Jose hosted the flag. 


Today yoga is not any art or science but consist a technology full of movements to keep you happy and healthy. It provides solace to the restless mind establishes harmony with oneself, society and our surrounding.    We conducted school and district level yoga competitions and our students scored high grades in the competitions. Meenakshi Shaiju and Murshidul Hadi R P selected as best performers and 15 students got entry to participate in state level competitions. Congratulations to all




As a part of the day we conducted an awareness class on the topics of narcotics and cyber crimes. The session was done by Chavakkad excise range officer Mrs. Lathika. Students and parents were reminded to be cautious with the social media and about the cyber crime which is a serious concern.


Speaking skill is a essential part to be achieved in our life time in the present world having the vocabulary and wide range of English skill will assist us in acquiring a good job and communicating well to others. Aimed at this purpose we appointed a communicative English faculty. 


Counseling is the process which helps the students to know their skills, interests, personality that will help students in further career selection. Our manager Fr. Prince Chiriyankandath has given a counseling session to our students. It was a useful and memorable moment for our children.

Leaders are not born but are made by their life experience responsibilities and performing once duty are qualities which are instilled in the formative years. 

Election of the school student’s council held on 28th June 2019 all the students from 1st standard to 10th standard were given voting right. They showed their readiness to ensure the forecast of a real parliamentary election. 


Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Fit India Movement on the occasion of National Sports day.  According to him "Only a fit person, fit family and a fit society will pave way for a great and new India."  The Fit India Movement aims to encourage Indians to include fitness activities and sports in their daily lives to pave way for a healthy and fit lifestyle. 

We conducted various activities and send to board. I’m proud to announce that We got FIT INDIA EXCELLENCE certificate from the board.   


Our PTA is great support for us in the development of our school. We are so lucky to have such a vibrant and energetic PTA. The first general body is held on 3rd August 2019. It focused on creating a common platform to enrich the students’ education and discuss various issues regarding all-round development of students. Newly selected executives were introduced themselves in the meeting. We conducted 4 executive meetings at now. All


The institution gives adequate prominence to the traditional festivals like Onam. Onam was celebrated as usual with pookalam and different programmes related with keralas traditions.    


The Indian culture gives a high place to the teachers for his role in imparting knowledge and molding the character of students. Our students representatives handed over bouquets to the teachers in honor to the teachers who are teaching them.


The campus became alive with the students joyful participation in various literary and cultural events ranging from Elocution, Extempore, fancy dress, folk dance etc…. Our school’s arts day conducted on 22nd August 2019 off stage items related to arts day conducted on August 03rd to August 15th.

The students were divided into four categories following are categories. Following students are achieved the positions of kalathilakam and kalaprathibha.

                                                                   Kalathilakam                Kalaprathibha

  • Kiddies                (LKG & UKG)      Alhidha K S                  Srinil Krishna      
  • Kiddies                (std I & ii)             Angelina Paulson        Vyshnav K S
  • Category I           (std iii & iv)          Avanthika Bharath
  • Category II          (std v & vii)          Gopika K P                             Adith E K
  • Category III         (std viii & x)         Neha Manoj Kumar     Abhinav K Bharath

The entire results of the competition announced on the same day. The prizes were distributed to the winners on 1 august 2019. 

The first position was received by DIAMOND HOUSE with 328 points. The second position was achieved by EMERALD HOUSE with 288 points.

Congratulations to all


Our 38 actively participated in Sahodhaya Kaloltsav and obtained 128 point with 11 A grade, 20 B grades. It was an appreciable achievement.


We celebrated Christmas on 21st December- it was a wonderful experience from each house there was a Christmas tree making competition each house arranged the trees. All were enjoyed the day well and best.