List of Textbooks Class wise

I  TO  V                             OXFORD  - SPRINGBOARD

VI  TO  X                          NCERTOOL CURRICULUM

Fr. Paul Chittilappilly Memorial Public School is a Co-educational institution and is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education New Delhi Affiliation Number 931128. The Medium of instruction is English. Hindi and Malayalam are the additional languages taught, one of which can be dropped from Class IX onwards (CBSE)


Primary Classes (I-V)

English, Malayalam, Hindi, Mathematics, EVS (I & II) / General Science, Social Science(lll-V) IT, GK, VE, CE, Visual Arts (Art & Craft), Physical & Health Education.

Middle Classes (Vl-X)

English, Malayalam, Hindi, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, IT, GK, VE, CE , Visual Arts (Art & Craft), Performing Arts - Yoga, Physical & Health Educations.

All classes have lessons in Life Skill & SEWA. Class Vl has periods for Research and perspectives.